To my babies:

Never have I felt the need and the urge to write something for a freshie block, in my 3years of being one of the upper classmen. Perhaps because graduation is near, or simply because you have grown out of your shells – shells that you hid in on your first days, on your first weeks, until you met the cliques you have now.

I can’t even find the right words to say, omygod. You became my babies without me being an FBC. You became my babies without me bulging inside your classrooms everyday. We had this mother-children relationship even with just simple hugs and “musta kayo’s” every time we meet in the hallways, in the streets, everywhere.

Meeting you was one of the best things that happened in my college life. Although nearing the end, with two semesters left, you made a foundation that stood so strong and supported me on my struggle to finish my fourth year.

I tried my best to be with you for long spans of time on our first weeks. I met you, all of you, during your org application period. I was the happiest. ❤ We sat there, with our senior stances, asking you basic small-talk questions as you asked us for signatures for tambay hours. Ahhh, how lovely. After a few days, you became one of us. And that made me so proud: you finishing your Multiple OrgASM, you surviving your final rites with people shouting at you, “ANONG PABORITO MONG ULAM?” “ ANONG PLURAL NG SEAMAN?” and of course, “SINONG MAGANDA DITO??” to which you had no other choice but yours truly. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Then came days when some of you wouldn’t go home without having chit chats with me, as you passed by the Gen Tam. No, you wouldn’t pass without making me stand and tell me how your day was. You heard about my subjects, you heard about my own struggles, you heard about petty inarte’s that I had. And you laughed about them with me. When I had my grad shoot, and you saw its result, you made me so kilig when you all reacted, “SHET NAY.” I love you, grabe.

Second semester came and you saw me through hell. You saw me strive as I had to read thick books for one exam. You saw me as I tried to write and finish papers before deadlines. You discovered that I was this crammer who never really failed to finish papers before their dues. You understood reasons why I couldn’t stand anymore when I’m sitting somewhere trying to read about the histories of China, Korea, Japan. You sent all these virtual hugs, flying hugs, whenever I couldn’t catch up with you anymore. All those times you asked me to join you for lunch but I couldn’t. You understood that I became busy. And understanding wasn’t the only thing you did. You comforted me, and told me I’ll get through this. That I’d graduate on time. And assured me that you were there for me.

It may not have been all of you who were able to comfortably and easily approach me, talk to me about your days, about your own problems. But believe me, never would I leave out any love for any of you. My motherly instinct loves all of you. The mother in me was the proudest when you performed during SocSci week.

I saw you grow. Well, I may not have been always there, but I did ask some of you how your block was. I saw you grow, I saw your struggle with Math11 jusko, I know some of you finished your major Comm papers only hours before its deadline (in fact started writing it only the night before – which made the crammer in me proud, too). I saw you through your problems. I watched some of you fall apart. I saw through you as you changed your cliques of friends. I saw some of you fall in love anubayan. And everything you are now, everything you struggled with, is normal. You’re in your right paths.

Dearest loves. I know you have different plans after surviving your first year. Some of you will stay, but most of you have something else in mind. Although I was high with the hopes that you stay in your current course, please know that I will always be supportive of what you wish to become. Your plans to transfer schools/campuses and shift to other courses will have its back up: me. Being with you, albeit not always physically, has made me one happy and proud mother of your block. And I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for not having been there when you needed support the most. I’m sorry for spending only so little time with you. I’m sorry for not having been able to help you with every thing. But I tried, and I’m glad because I know that this isn’t a big deal on you. YAAAAS.


Congratulations, loves. We survived two sems together. Thank you for being there. Thank you for trusting me with your problems, and your issues. Thank you for letting me feel indeed like a mom to all of you; for letting me know when you’d do surprises so I can be a part of it, for inviting me to your trips, for making me feel loved. Believe me, your block was a big part of my senior year. ALAM NYO NAMAN YAN HIHI Thank you for trying to keep up when I tell you stories of higher/major subjects, and of situations you never heard backstories of. Thank you, simply for being there as I cried, as I laughed, as I sought for comfort and for joy.

As some of you go your separate ways, as some of you move one step closer to you dreams, please, never forget that you have one another to come back to as family; that you have your friends, your block, to make you feel at home when you feel lost. May you always be reminded that in the roots where you started, you will find your first loves, you will find your first college family. Please, stay in touch. Continue to be there for each other. Continue to be the family that I was always proud you became. And syemps, remember that you have a mother in me.

There is so much love I have for you, legit. I am one happy graduate because of you, because you were there with me. Thank you, babies. I love you!!


PS. In your future endeavors, I hope you remember to serve the people and be for the people, too.

Also, pag may nagsabi ng “Tanga” tas narinig nyo, sabihin nyo mali pagkakasabi niya. Gayahin nya kamo tono ko. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA mwa

You are loved, you are very much loved.

There are much more things I’d like you to know, but I’ll let you have this first. ❤

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