Someone finally said it to my face: Bakit ang negative mo?

These past few days have been very heavy with annoyance, with negative feelings, and people I try to understand- and it’s been so long since I last felt this agitated.

Packing up the courage to spill my feelings out, I approached a close friend, (and I mean close, like this person literally knows all that I’m going through) and told him how I felt so bad this morning. I ranted for almost 5 minutes when he finally gave me a look that made me feel that I needed to stop, and he said, “Bakit ang negative mo?”

I was silenced, and he spoke again, “Napaka-negative nung mga sinasabi mo.”

I thought of everything I told him, then, and realized that I was indeed telling him all the negative feelings I had, without even trying to balance it with the many good things happening.

For days, I’ve been focusing, and lingering, on my negativity, thus feeding this creature inside me, making everything worse than they originally are.

Thank you, world, for giving me honest and straightforward (and mature) friends who understand me firstly, reprimanding and reminding me of what I’m doing wrong after.  The immature and childish person in me always gets a clear view after hearing different perspectives. So thank you for people who listen. Hehe.





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