What makes you happy?

These guys deserved to be thanked for being the people that they are. Coming to school one day with a bit of a shot in the head, Vincent and I talked about how I never had a fraternity this close to my heart before. Tas paiyak pa’ko nun ’cause I get emotional when I massage people HAHAHAHA

Thank you so much, Alpha Sigma, for being my happy pills. HUHUHU All throughout this week (and the past fews), we’ve been together – from rains and floods and basketball games to puta-bakit-natin-to-pinaguusapan conversations – and I’m really, really, really, happy. Thank you for reminding me that you do have my back, and that I have you. 

You guys are the best boyfriends a person with so much frustrations can ever have.

Pramis, may ballpen kayo sa Pasko. HAHAHAHA. 


To more happy, stressful-pero-napawi-niyo, pagod-pero-keri, peram-ng-ballpen, “dito-ako-kay-Ysel,” “para-kay-Mutya” days with you.

Love you, kids. 

– Mutya ng AΣ ♥


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