I couldn’t say I’m too excited for the first day of school this Monday HAHAHAHAHA no, but hngggggg it’s my first day as a graduating student and woaaaaaaaah I am definitely on my way to surviving four years in UP and ksjdhskfhkdfdfkjdfk I don’t think I’m ready.

I know I should already be thinking of the path I want to walk on after all this studying but hnggg no I cannot I do not and I don’t knowwww. I’m surprised I wasn’t the only one without a path HAHA (I was always the lazy one). We’ll cross the bridge when we get there tho HAHA not now no

I have not been posting recently (’cause I got pretty obsessed with something very worthyyyy HAHA) andddd, well, idk. Practicum hits. (AGHHHH 1.5 HAHAA) and yaaaas, been studying //

This might probably just be a non-sensical post (hahahaha) just thought of updating it after quite a while!

Hnggg <33


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