Monthly Archives: August 2015

Isn’t it frightening to meet someone for the first time, and just then the two of you click?

Of course, it’s fun. It’s a wonderful feeling that you didn’t have to adjust too much to be friends with that person. But, you prepare to open your world, to release the urge to trust people and be the open book you really are.

You think of it as something that happened to you many months ago, or years, maybe. You open your world to people, let them in, let them know your fears, the things you love, the things that make you happy. Then you lose them. You lose the connection you swore you’d never lose. 

And so you’re scared to trust again.

But here you go. Barging into my life as if you’re someone I’ve always longed to know. I open my world, let you in, and we reveal our fears and dreams to each other. It frightens me, yet amazes me how you have that effect on me. We are two oceans meeting somewhere in that vast surrounding; we are two mountains connected by our common ground; we are two people, resisting the thought of having someone to carry our hopes, yet we begin getting there. 

There is no regret. There is a bit of fear, but we will overcome. 

I couldn’t say I’m too excited for the first day of school this Monday HAHAHAHAHA no, but hngggggg it’s my first day as a graduating student and woaaaaaaaah I am definitely on my way to surviving four years in UP and ksjdhskfhkdfdfkjdfk I don’t think I’m ready.

I know I should already be thinking of the path I want to walk on after all this studying but hnggg no I cannot I do not and I don’t knowwww. I’m surprised I wasn’t the only one without a path HAHA (I was always the lazy one). We’ll cross the bridge when we get there tho HAHA not now no

I have not been posting recently (’cause I got pretty obsessed with something very worthyyyy HAHA) andddd, well, idk. Practicum hits. (AGHHHH 1.5 HAHAA) and yaaaas, been studying //

This might probably just be a non-sensical post (hahahaha) just thought of updating it after quite a while!

Hnggg <33

Hypocrisy is such a funny thing.

I just hope that the next time you try to shove a bullet up my throat, you won’t have the same one coming back at you.

That was my blood I spilled just to finally get over the one thing that almost held me back this year, had I not succeeded. And all you (still) do is mock me.

Started from the bottom, now I’m /still/ on time.

No matter without the colors. I deserve it, such a lazy ass I am.

Just don’t know if I (or we?) could say the same for you.