Monthly Archives: May 2015


if there’s one thing I really don’t understand about (Filipino) wakes, (and basically, when one dies), it’s the No Thank You Policy. 

Even as a child, I always wondered why people don’t say thank you to those who offer their sincerest condolences. But I never dared to ask why. It’s probably a saying by our grandparents, and all those ahead of us. They say it’s inappropriate to say “Thank you,” because “it would appear that the death of someone in the family is a welcome event to you, and to the family.” 

Basically, it’s not. I don’t think any death is welcome event to a family. 

Besides. Think about it. People are actually sharing sympathies with you. They are one with you, even for just a while. And to have people who are like that, i think it’s only right to be grateful, to appreciate that act. 

As my grandmother died 2 days ago, many of my friends, and our family friends, have been offering their condolences. I thanked one, (a relative), but she told me, “You shouldn’t thank us for that.”

Should that be a norm that everyone follows, and being the kind of person that I am, here I go defying that.
To everyone who have offered their condolences to our family, thank you. I asked my family, too, about this act, and they too believe that we should thank those who are one with us in this moment. 
Thank you everyone. We truly appreciate your pakikiramay. 🌻❤️