This is how the first five days of June went.



Wilfire Kick Off

I was happy. I started June right. Moderated the kick-off with Kish, Lloyd and Emman. And had a success-treat-lunch! It got me excited for Wildfire. SO. EXCITED. It’s been 3 years that I get too excited for these! For the Faith on Fire, for Ablaze (although I wasn’t there), and now for Wildfire! Oyeaahhh. ❤



My family went to Lucena. Sometimes I still get confused what to use when I say my family and I went to Lucena. Should it be my family, or our family. Frustrating, really. So we woke up early, and went to Lucena. Ate hashbrowns. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH as if walang Mcdo sa Maynila.. HAHAjoke. And had lunch somewhere nice. I am so sorry for not being able to remember the name of that resto with the big tiger prawns!! Huhu sinigang na sugpo was so delicious. And their crispy pata. And their chicken. It was a good lunch. And hey, it was kind of an early-birthday celebration! So yehey for me and Lucena food. It was amazing, though. I mean the travel. I was in the back seat. Like the back-back seat. I slept on the way there and on the way home. It’s the best thing I can do. I read The Kite Runner too! And just figured out that day that Hassan died. And a lot of other things happened in that amazing book. HUHU, really. So, on the way to Lucena, I remembered our first-year-in-UP field trip. ‘Cause we went to Lucena that day, and stayed at Nawawalang Paraiso. That memory didn’t sting. Maybe because it didn’t have you in it yet, love. Not yet. That night, I finished The KiteRunner. I cried. I am so sorry. HUHU but I cried. I’m not apologizing because I cried. I am apologizing to myself because since May 10, all I did was cry every night. And that night, the night when I finished The Kite Runner, I cried harder. I cried harder because Amir did what he had to do to make up for every thing he’s ever done. For every life lost. OMG ayoko na umiyak. “For you a thousand times over.”



I woke up with puffy eyes because I cried. HAHA, I went to duty. So.. as I was about to go down to bring something to OCS, I saw Jethro. So we went down together. HAHA, and went up to the department again. Then Gab texted me, asked me if I was in school. I got too excited so I just called him. So the three of us bought food from KFC, take-out, ate at the department. Laughed about lots of things, and I almost cried, too. Again. Since that day, about a month ago, I have tendencies to cry even when the weather was too hot. I mean, that’s annoying. HAHAH. Jethro had Oreos!! Double stuff! HAHA, and he had to ask something from UPD, so we called up, and it was so funny kasi *nagtaglish nako HAHA* nagtatawanan kami habang wala pang sumasagot. Eh biglang may sumagot, and we were still laughing. It was too funny! Then by 1:30 or 2, they had to leave. Sir Ong had to go down, too. And I asked him, “Sir, iiwan mo na’ko?” He told me, “Panandalian lang. Babalik ako.” You know, jokes that hit you? Yeah, that kind. This day, I thought.. maybe I was grieving too much. Yeah, maybe I was. By 4, or 3:30, he called us up. I mean, Sir Ong did. And asked us if we wanted something from Mcdo. His treat. Because it was my birthday the next day. KINILIG AKO HAHAHAHAHA CHAROT ❤ I mean, yeahhh. Come onnn. Sir Ong yan eh =)) But no joke, real talk, I was really touched. It was really heartwarming. Sooo, of course, thank youu so much, Sir Ong! ❤ After duty, I went to Rob to buy and treat myself a Gtec refill. After how many months, I can finally use it. Again. It’s the same Gtec case I had when I was still in Adamson. I think. Never changed. Just the refills. Then I went home. Passed by Ibarra’s.


June3. It has been a year since that night. Since that perfect night. Since that night when everyone who was there were chosen people. The special ones. Funny how things change, though. I remember Jethro asking, “Bakit di kami invited?” “Kasi di pa tayo friends nun. Alam nyo namang kung friends na tayo, you were there. You. Were there.” I did not dare look at any photo of that night this day. Because the only thing I can think of was.. how can one perfect memory be so painful? Now. Now, that it’s been a year. But I kind of spit the bad shit out, I had to be happy at that memory. That my favorite people were there. (except for some HUHU) Thank you. Everyone. It was a wonderful night. Now just a perfect memory.


I think I cried when I passed by Ibarra’s. And Clipper. Because Ate asked me how things were with Voldemort and me. SORRY HAHAHA.


I slept early. Because I didn’t want to wait for my birthday. Not anymore. Not now.



But I guess God never lets His children down. He woke me up at 12:57. I didn’t want to read messages yet. But I did. Everyone was still awake, so Mom Dad Eli and Kuya greeted me already. Aww. :”) Then I slept again.


Had the day off from duty. Went to UP, though. Met Karl sa OSS.. HAHA, he made luwas.. YES MADE LUWAS CONYO PALA HAHA from Bulacan to get his STS password, only to find out nasa phone nya pala HAHAHAHAHAomygosh AHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But umalis sya kagad, he had lakad. HAHA stop conyo. So I stayed in OSS and Echo texted me, asking me where I was. :”> HAHAjk, told him to go there and he found me panicking because I thought I forgot what may PIN code was. Gail, texted me, too. Asking me where I was. ❤ So I waited for her for about 30 minutes AND OMG DUMAAN SILA SA OSS SHE WAS WITH BRYCE!! So Bryce and I had conversations and I forced myself to speak with accent. Then we decided we wanted to have lunch, so we called up Cesca! Asked her to go to UP so we can have lunch together! Jed was there, too! Nangitim daw sya HAHAHHA nahiya ako pls. And while we were there, we made plans!!!! Plans na sana matuloy! We laughed about a lot of things, too. Like how Jed told me, “Aagawin ko sayo si Ken. Kahit lalaki sya.” WTH HAHAHAH and a lot more things. Tanga tanga kasi namen that day. HAHA, then we separated ways with Gail and Bryce kasi nagpaphotocopy sila, habang kaming tatlo nagpuntang IMS, which was sobrang tago sa PGH HAHAH GRABE kaynis tas we waited for Cesca sa OUR.. I called Sarah, tas nilandi lang sya ni Jed =)) Kaynis. Then nung andun na si Ces, we went to Max’s and had lunch. Laughed. Told stories. Yeahhh. Good times. Good friends. (Kulang kami though) #Van8

After eating, naghiwa-hiwalay na kami. Ay omg, passed by OCS pala. Tas nilandi ni Cesca si Glen, kainis please =)) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH joke. Ayun nga. SO yeahhh. Binati pala nya ko. HAHAHAHAAHAH ano ba ysel pls


I went to PWU to see Mamung ❤ then I went home. Texted friends na I was home already kahit di sila nagrereply. Camille came over by 5. With party hats =)) Na Disney Princesses :)) and brownies! She even sang for me. May talent fee! Tas everytime I told her I was feeling kind of sad, puro lang sya, “BABARILIN KITA!” By 6, I think, dumating na si Selene. With pizza!! And with Deaaa!!! HAHA. Tapos napagusapan namin na hindi to surprise. Kasi matatanda na kami ❤ Awww :”) Tas si Zam! Tas si Patty! Na kakulay yung sofa namin =)) She brought cake! :”> Kilig please. Then ayun na. We were laughing na. About lots of things. We started eating. And I was actually happy Camille was there and that she met Kuf. I was just sad.. wala si Kris. I mean, kaming tatlo yun eh 😥 So yeahh. We started eating. And drinking… SPRITE =)) We started laughing about lots of things, too! Highschool memories, grabe. Sino umutot nung sleepover. Sino nagalit dahil baka buntis daw ako =)) Sino nagalit sa reply slips. Tas si Bet! *na nahiyang makiCR HAHA* then si Wey…. HAHAHAHAHAH #gets then si Bogs. She was the last to come over. HEHE :”> We took a photo! I blew… BLEW. BLOW BLOW HAHAH the cake. “WALA BA?” =)) Nung mejo apat nalang kami, things started to get serious. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. It was like there was a vibe that day na hindi ako pinayagang umiyak. I had to be happy. I had to be. Happy.


I slept happy, too. Thank you for not forgetting. That was when I realized na.. tumatanda na kami. Ay omg, first birthday ko pala to na wala si Sarah.. 😥 HUHU ayun nga. Tumatanda na kami. Surprises are already corny. Pero kami pa rin ‘to. WE never break up. Kuf will be forever Kuf. Na parang.. life is def incomplete without them. So thank you. For all the ups and the downs. Sa lahat ng tawa natin na 182324783247238472x tapos  for the fact na in every heartbreak, we stick together. We stick together. ❤ How lucky am I to have friends who are always there. ❤


These past days, months maybe, I know how hard it is to put up with me. Really. I can barely put up with myself! But you never left. Thank you, guys. 🙂 *not just the highschool ito. You know who are. You know who you are guys. ❤



Ate J and Ate Mary bought me a cake! :”> Ahi!


“You called me up again just to break me. Like a promise.”


And this is how the first 5 days of June went.


Here’s to the rest of it!
And to the days I wish you’d spare. Really. No, not wish. Pra


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