When It Ends For No Good Reason

*cries cos feels*

Thought Catalog

During the daytime I manage not to think about you at all. Not to utter your name. Not to wonder where you are or what you’re doing or if I ever cross your mind. But like clockwork, the sun drops below the horizon, my head hits the pillow, and there you are. Flooding my thoughts.

I can’t ignore you, can’t sleep you away. I can’t escape you. It’s like every memory, good and bad, washes over me. Encompasses me. Traps me. Suffocates me. Every question left unanswered. Everything I wish I knew. Everything I’ll never know. But I continue to hypothesize. To formulate answers that may never come close to reality. But maybe that’s how I’ll get my closure. Because I know I can’t get it from you.

Maybe I’ll never know why it ended. Maybe you got bored. Maybe you got scared. Maybe the switch simply got flipped to…

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