Why Is It So Hard For Me To Forget You?

And we could be together as long as skies are blue.

Thought Catalog

They say that in due time you will forget everything. Everything that you went through, everything that caused the pain, the tension, everything worth forgetting. But what they don’t understand is that then, at that moment, you don’t want it happen. You don’t want to let go. You are scared. What if he walks away today and never comes back? What if letting this go is all but a mistake? What can I do to hold on to this for a little bit longer?

They say that it gets easier with time. You forget about it. But maybe, just maybe, you never forget about it. It is always there. The pain. Maybe you get used to it. Isn’t that the only option you have? The pain, it doesn’t heal with time. You simply find a way to deal with it. To deal with the way it agonizes in you, to…

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