From the very bottom of my right-now-shattered-heart, I would like to thank my church friends, especially the ones I spent one whole night with, for being the people I can run to. I found home in them, and that fact will never fade. In such a short period of time, I found love with them. I never thought we’d be this tight, but here we are, making sure we love each other, and that we care; that we’re not just friends, but a family.

God knows what I need. And I’m really grateful He gave me these people. Right now, I couldn’t really imagine life without them. Imagine people surprising you on your birthday even when you didn’t know one another that much yet. And then, the next year, dancing with them to your 18 roses, and hearing their wishes for youuu. For two years, I spent my birthday with them, and I’ll make sure that’ll happen every year.

You don’t usually find people to keep forever.

Or maybe you do, but then you realize you were wrong.

But for certain, these friends are for keeps. Foreverrr.

Hanggang mag-35 ako… hanggang CANA. ❤


Thank youuuu, guysss, for being there. For being the people I can run to. For being such wonderful blessings. For proving to me that in hardships, you find love, and more love, through the people around you.

Love youuuu!!!! >:D<


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