10 Things You Learn When You’re In A Good Relationship

Keep this in mind, Yseeeeel.

Thought Catalog

How I Met Your Mother: Season 8How I Met Your Mother: Season 8

When we were younger, we thought that relationships were full of those perfectly planned romantic antics. We totally forgot that relationships in the real world isn’t a Katherine Heigl chick-flick, and that Heath Ledger will never serenade us with “You’re Just Too Good To Be True.” Relationships in the real world require a lot of patience and understanding, and not a script full of quotable quotes that will make you finish a box of Kleenex.

1. Good morning/night messages are the best. It may be basic and simple, but good morning/night messages are proven to lift someone’s mood. When you are in a relationship, you will suddenly realize that your day wouldn’t be complete without your partner’s romantic and elaborate or simple yet sweet good morning/night messages.

2. You have to let yourselves miss each other. Space isn’t always that bad. Spending most…

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