April 28. Saddy One Month~

It has been a month since I last saw you. 

And I am sad. 

But maybe I’m happy, too. 

That despite the distance, we are able to talk. 

And I am still able to prove to you that… you know. >:D<

But I am sad, really. 

I miss you. 

And though talking to you eases the burden a bit, 

we still both, and all, know how different it is if we’d be together. 

Now that it’s a month, 

I can’t believe I survived.

But guess what, I probably haven’t. 

I’m not surviving. 

I’m not getting any better. 

Because each day that passes by makes me miss you more. 

And how everywhere I go feels different and empty… without you. 

How every minion photo doesn’t seem to be cheering me up, because there’s no you to share it with.

But I’ll get by. 

I’ll just think that we’ll see each other soon. 


Whenever soon is, I’m waiting. 

Here’s to one month, sunny. *creys*


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