Today was a nice day. And yehey for me. And for the people I spent today with. 

I went to duty and… typed. Hahaha, yeah that was all I did this morning. Then I went to class and I was so happy because I really did do my best to understand everything Maam Mia was saying and because my seatmates are so fun to be seatmates with. Love you Gie and Ria. Heheheheh. I remember Maam telling me, “Itsura mo.” =)) Hahaha omg it was really funny. 

Then I went back to duty (or I think I went to OUR first… yeah I did). So I lined up for Window 2 and I am so proud of myself for dancing my boredom away, yehey. And I walked back to CAS, and saw Richard and Jane and hahahaomg, I told them that heyyy it’s been a month since I last saw Ken and how sad it is. Hahaha… okay. So I went up. After a few minutes, Kuya Glen (the Kuya from OCS) went up and OMYG HE HAS MY GRADESHEETS ALREADY (and whoever knows my storyyyy would really understand why I am so happy with this)! THough he was tired and told me, “Tumatawag kami sayo para ikaw na mag-akyat eh.” Hahaha conscience pls 

I practiced exercises for Math HEHE omg.. and then, yey! We ate at Mang Inasal! Was with Gail, Clarvin, Jad (the new graduates NAKS), and Ces!!! I was so happy to be with them… and I’m so full. Hahahaha omg. 

I mean it’s been a long time. And now I really miss Fat Friday. I really do. And I was really full, jusme, tatlong kanin. HAHAHA. I don’t know. Seems like an average day, but I had fun! Thanks to these people. To the real people. ❤


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