11:03pm gets me all the time. Because I remember you, and I remember how we celebrated your birthday.. and nooo, I just remember you. But I remember you at 11:03pm. Usually. Doesn’t always happen in the morning because I’m probably asleep… or cooking, or doing the dishes.. or something else that the time I look at the clock it’s already 12 or 1 or some time  that’s not 11:03am.

But at night… when all the feelings come rushing out, when I catch 11:03, I get all fuzzy and.. happy, and sad.. all at the same time. Because I miss you and this isn’t actually the kind of I miss you that’s usual.. It’s the feeling of missing you that brings a lot of memories and happy and sad days and makes me think of how lucky I am because despite of every reason of the hundreds for you to leave, you stayed.

And this is actually the kind of missing you that hurts because I haven’t seen you for three weeks. Today’s Day 21. And I thought I lost count. But I didn’t. I was going through my Facebook Profile Photos earlier and I saw our photo when we had striped tops on.. and I was happy about that. Though I don’t know if you were happy about that, too. And that brings back the Ayala lights scenes, that I was there with you and that we were happy. And that was 2013, and today’s the 19th of the 4th month and.. I just don’t know what to feel.

I really wish I could see you soon.

Because yes of course I’m happy.. I have summer classes so I get to see a few friends every once in a while.

But it’s different.

It’s like you’re happy, but you’re incomplete.

Yeah, like that.

That, actually.

So here’s to 11:03 and to the soonest we see each other again. >:)<


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