What It Feels Like To Not Deserve You

Hindi ko kaya.

Thought Catalog

wilB wilB

Do you know what it feels like to feel ugly all the time? I do. I know. I am not beautiful. Not even pretty. I don’t go through a whole week without having a pimple on my face that came out of nowhere. I hate my hair, how I look in pictures, and how I smile. I don’t know how beautiful people could smile and walk and do everything as gracefully and as effortlessly as breathing. It’s like they were born with it. Like they could do it while sleeping.

I do not have the ideal proportion. In fact, I’m even miles away from the ideal. I look for jeans sizes in hushed voices to avoid everyone having to hear my waistline.

I hate my palms that sweat a river whenever I get nervous.

I live on a tight budget every single day and limit myself to adoring designer…

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