Hug Day! >:D<


Dad and I went to Anointing at our church, The Lord’s Flock, this morning.

If I remember it correctly, I wasn’t anointed last month… yes?

So today, I was there, and I sat with my friends. I missed them a lot, lalo si Dennis kasi gustong gusto kong magkita kami kasi brithday niya nung Friday but hello traffic. 

And so our dear elder, Soar, had this talk on not to sit down and watch. By the end of that, we stood up and she told us to hug those around us.

This is actually the best part of my day.

The last time I felt that warm was March 28. Because.. well, I guess I never hugged anyone that tight after seeing him for the last time this sem. *cries*

But today, I felt that warmth again. I felt lots of love running through my veins, and it really felt good. I really felt loved. It was.. happy. Happy hugs. I hugged my friends. And I’ve never felt so good for quite a long time. >:D<

Thank youuuu, guys. >:D< Grabe. Ang saya nung hugging session natin. *hearts* :”>

Thank You, Lord, for giving me such loving friends. >:)< *kilig!

PS. Sobrang walang kwenta nung pagkakasulat ko, but I really hope you get my point HUHU


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