Day 12. 10:01am

I woke up breezy today, ’cause Eli was laughing so hard since Mader was tickling him. *tikel tikel*

Ate 2 small slices of bacon that looked different.. but they were bacon. And a handful of Piknik which, yes, I partnered with rice. HAHAHAHHA. They still are potatoes!

Then I saw Eli’s minion balloon. Huhu, so i remembered my/our minion escapades. Huhu, omgg. I miss youu. And I wouldn’t even dare go to Rob’s ToysRUs without you. 

Checked IG, saw Selene’s post. BURGER. Gusto ko ng burger. But I’m going to stick to my word that I wouldn’t eat delicious burgers unless we’re eating together. *HIHIHI*

My playlist was on shuffle. Radioactive played, and huhu, omg. I miss Karl. And the GGkids. I suddenly remembered his knock-knock on EDSA Revolution, but he actually failed on telling the joke. Awww. 

I actually miss a lot of people. 

And I miss my sisters the most. 

So I’m still living in this unit full of boxes, with the tentative schedule of moving on Friday. Not to mention my summer classes. This IS going to be my last take on Math11. Yep. >:D< 

Of course, I want to move in to the condo in Paranaque. But hey, hi. DId you actually read it right? Paranaque. ANG LAYO. And yes, alam kong maarte lang ako, pero hindi naman kasi ako sanay bumyahe. Pero ako pa ba. =)) Of course I’d still go out with my friendzzzz. Love you guys. 

I remembered bumping into my English teacher last Monday. Omggg. Wala lang. Niremind ko lang yung sarili ko na hindi ako titigil hangga’t ‘di ko naaachieve yung gusto ko. Yey! 

I feel so random this morning. 

I want to see a lot of people, really. 

I miss a lot of people. Huhu.

And here’s a hug to my h8ers! >:D< 

Good morning! 🙂


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