I have never been so familiar on what multiverses are, and I don’t think I would like to search on it, so I will just trust my instincts and see if I’ve got it on the right track. And if not, then screw me and my lack of knowledge on these scientific things because I hold on to them in an emotional way. 

I think of multiverse as a different world. Or maybe as Ken explained in our Comm 3, it really is another universe where you live a different life. And if I got this wrong, maybe in my multiverse, I am right. 

Multiverse means a whole lot, I guess. Not only two, but three, or more. Multi. But let me just talk of one of those many universes. The other universe. Universe Y. Let’s name it after me. 

In Universe Y, I live in our old house, the house that I grew up in. The house in Las Pinas which we had to sell when we moved to Manila. The house that just isn’t our house anymore. But the house has a bigger garden. A garden with a fountain at the middle, and lots of flowers we take care of. There are also small trees, perhaps. And a small fountain-pond with fishes and it would be beach-like so Gongpi can live in it. 

I have a room for myself, too. Not that I didn’t before, but I remember sleeping in my grandfather’s bedroom when he died, but never at night. I used to sleep in my parents’ room because I was scared Tatay would visit me. And that’s not a bad thing, I guess. I was scared because it had a big window and I don’t like lights off. So in Universe Y, my room has white concrete walls. And I get to paint it every now and then. I can paint a rainbow, and clouds, and all the other nice things. I can post a lot of photos. Stick them on the wall. Photos of my family, my parents, my childhood, my school, my classmates, my blockmates, my friends, Kuf, of course, my relatives, myself, my selfies which are all so cute HAHA, his photos, and minions. In Universe Y, my bed has a table adjacent to it. And I don’t want to continue this because I do not know much on interior design.

In my universe, I have a pet dog. I love Gongpi, yes. But I always wanted a dog. But we can’t have one now because.. it’s not practical. 

In Universe Y, my family goes to trips every now and then. We have picnics, and do lots of fun things together. And we take photos of each and every memory there is. 

In Universe Y, I would get that 0.13 points to be an Honorable Mention when I was in High School, because up to now, that hurts me. I guess I didn’t do my best. 

In Universe Y, I’m not sure if I want to change my college life. Maybe, in that universe, I passed the entrance to Public Health. And if not, then it’s fine. However, in that universe, I am still taking up Mass Comm. In Diliman, perhaps. Broadcast Communication. 

But that twists everything. 

In my universe, I probably have different friends. But I wouldn’t want that. So, I would change nothing about that fact. 

There are still lots of things I would like to tell you about the universe my imagination feeds. But in the universe where I live now, in this universe, at this very moment, I have to finish a paper on Sister Stella L for Sociology. So I bid you good bye for now. 

Last note tho, in my universe.. maybe “things” are different. Things aren’t this hard. Things are the way I want it to be. We are.. we are. Just maybe. And I will let that thought of being together exist in my imagination and in my belief that in Universe Y, we are.. we are. 

But this universe teaches me to be patient. To be appreciative. To wait. Because in Universe Y, you may have changed your mind. And it isn’t impossible that you change your mind, too, in this universe, someday, is it? 

Bye-eees ❤

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