–course HAHA

And today was a fun day. I may have made a few mistakes, and i do admit that what I “did” was wrong. But I am thankful for your patience, and for your efforts to actually see them, too. I’m really happy.

And honestly, if you get to read this and you remember Bet’s question, I must admit, I was afraid at first because I was expecting a “7.” But thank you, for saying, “9.” I’m just too happy and I cannot express it in just words. But thank you, nevertheless.

Kuf! Hindi pa rin tayo nakukumpleto, but we strive, and we will strive. Toxic lang talaga. But thank you for today, for the time. Thank you for convincing me that you wanted to see us. Tho it was hard to keep it (and so I made a mistake huhu), I appreciate the thought that you wanted to.. hehe. Makukumpleto rin tayo, tiwala lang. Tayo pa ❤ Hehe. Dami ko nga kwento kanina e. See you again soon. And I cannot wait. :*


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