Seasons of Love

I am the type of person who puts irrelevant titles to my post so yes hello. Haha. Siguro kasi na-LSS lang ako kanina sa Glee. Haha. Omgggg. 

I feel like sleeping. But no. Because I still have to finish “things.” HIHI ❤ But uh, please do let me tell you a short story of how one call made my day. 

I am just so happy. The end. Hahahahahahahahaha. Hindi naman kasi ako kinikilig.. (yata). Haha. Talagang masaya lang ako, kasi sabi nga sa kanta ni Taylor Swift, “It takes everything in me not to call you.” Tapos… may iba palang nata..OPS. Huhu, it’s not that I’m nagseselos. Ulol, I am :)) Haha, lokohin ko pa sarili ko dito. Kasi I really fought the urge eh. Anywayyy, the good thing is I really am happy tonight kasi nagkausap kami and I waited soooo long to be on the phone with him again and just tell him stories about how my day went kahit mga 5% man lang. And ask him how his days were at kung sino mga nakau..OPS. Haha. Benta nung ops pls. 😦 =)) 

I know, I know. We’ll see each other in 3 days and watch a movie (and hopefully andun pa yung papanoorin ko kasi Wednesday nagpapalit HUHU) and uhh.. probably eat or at least have milktea and tadaaaaaaa (kris kringle chos). Bastaaa. And I can’t be more excited. It’s like a kid waiting for his school bus on his very first day of school. :’) 

Yes, yes. A negative vibe is talking to me right now and making me feel jealous of  uh … stuff and uh.. other stuff and uh.. Pero ito yung feeling kasi na “Oo nagseselos ako pero shet naman kasi miss na kita po” And then I remember The Script’s “If it’s the fighting you remember, all the little things you miss.” Hihi, I’ve got a lot to ask you. And they’re the kind of questions that I want you to answer and answer honestly. And they’re kind of sad questions. No not sad really just not happy. But not sad. Fak. :)) Point is, I’ll ask you when we’re together so I can see you and hear you and feel your presence and react to your answers and if something goes wrong we’ll fix it and not result to one hanging up the phone. HIHI Yay. 

But reallyyy. I miss you. And sometimes I get to the point when it’s the sad kind of miss like I feel soooo sad and just want to cry because we don’t talk and all or you’re probably talking to some..OPS. *haha* But then this kind of miss after talking to you is the kind when one misses someone and just gets too mushy and excited and hyper and just cannot stop thinking of what to do once you see each other again after what, 2 weeks? Haha. Or less. Dibaaaaa. 

There will still be days (and a looooot of days) na magtatampo ako. Maiinis and magsese..OPS. But really. Beyond those feelings naman, you do know how I feel and that hasn’t changed at all. And I’m glaaad. And HIHI >:D<

Siguro minsan naiisip ko pa rin na bakit hindi tayo “pareho.” You know what I mean with this =))

But uhh.. okay na rin siguro. Kasi we both know that I just really am happy when I’m with you. And sometimes that’s enough. But if you do change your mind and see and look and open your eyes to what the sun shines on you, I’ll have my flabby arms wide open. >:D< 

And landi nung last part. Hahahahahahaaahah. 

Gaaad, and again, I am honest. That phone call made my night. Thank you, bestfriend. ❤ ❤ ❤ *heart overload*

“Pag nahohold kita, may problema.” HAHAHAHA HIHI 

PS. If you read this, CUPCAKES KO TENGKSSSSS ❤


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