“Forward ka please, para hindi malaki yung mukha ko.”

Today was full of ups and downs. Not just between the two of us, but also between me and the world. HUHU.

I walked to school. Dropped something off JRS. And I would really like to thank the two kuya’s who were nice and started a conversation that was really fun fun.

Theeen, yun nga. I walked to school (na talaga). And after Pedro Gil, the street I mean, I saw this kuya who was selling Minion balloons. I asked him how much one was, and he told me P20. BINILI KO KAGAD.

And I walked with a big smile on my face. Minion balloon in my hand + Westlife’s When You’re Looking That in my ears + the not so hot weather = thank you :)<

Saw Adi! Played with Adi! She enjoyed my balloon. And a lot of people threatened they'd pop my balloon, and I kinda swore I'd kill them if they did. *wait for it*

Lunch at Pizza Hut. Favorite wingstreet! Yay me! I was too happy about everything. HAHA.

Lalaloopsy hunting – Toys R Us. And the Fluffy Unicorn that I really really sorry-to-use-desperately want. 😥 Huhuu.

Then went back to CAS. Lib. Dapat tutulog si Ken, but Papat came in and said classes were already suspended. Which kind of pissed me off, but yes, better safe nga naman and all.

And I told him the reason why I felt down all of a sudden. It's because of next week. Ahuh. More more tiis.

Called Ma'am + planned + ate.

It was raining. but I had to see Sof and Chich. And it was a nice time to bond with Saab Makkie KV and Anna + Clarvin (for a short time). Yay for us!

ITO NA. When we were still in CAS (kami ni Ken), I was holding my minion balloon and his one hand almost came off, tas narealize ko normal. Okay lang, so I did the same thing to the other had. Ayun pumutok. And I feel bad for myself… hanggang ngayon.

I'm so sorry, minion. 😥

Still, though, I'd like to thank one of the best people I've ever met. :D:D<


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