Too Soon.

I just get the feeling that I’m too sad because I didn’t know it would be tomorrow. That some of them would be leaving tomorrow. I can say that this year is better. We got closer. We bonded more. Our jokes were funny. We laughed at the same things. And it was a good feeling. Because I was scared before. Scared that we wouldn’t create such a bond. 

And earlier, I asked them when they were going back. And they told me, “Tomorrow.” And I thought it was a joke. So I asked others, and they had the same answer. And my heart was torn into pieces. Because I felt like time was not quite enough. My insides fell to the ground when one of them asked me, “But you’re taking us to the airport tomorrow, right?” I asked Dad, and he said, “Hindi na, kase tayo na yung sumundo.” This is just sad. I don’t know. I just feel so sad that everything was happy and now it’s just.. Okay, I don’t know what. I’m just sad. Sad enough to actually post this as if we’d never see each other again. But that’s attachment. This year was better. We bonded with so much happiness and fun and to actually say goodbye to them and tell them I’m going to miss them just tears all my ribs into shatters. 

But yes, we’ll meet again next year. 

And we’ll keep in touch.

But I will miss you, dear friends. You’ve been such a big part of me now. 


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