Getting Your Heart Broken Isn't So Bad

Thought Catalog

If you’re a recent victim of heartbreak (by “heartbreak” I mean, someone left/ betrayed/ dehumanized you and by “recent” I mean, in the past six months-decade because let’s be real, some breakups know no time constraints) you might feel certain about a few things. For example — that getting your heart broken is actually ‘that bad,’ that all of the weight loss and meaningless sex and self-indulgence in the world isn’t going to make things right, and most importantly, that I must have no goddamn idea what I’m talking about if I think otherwise. And you’d be right — until you aren’t.

What I mean is, you’re perfectly justified in thinking that you’re never going to be able to love anyone else, and that this is the worst thing that will ever happen to you. For now. Because for now, you’re thinking — and feeling — with the wounded, disillusioned…

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