My back hurts

I’ve been in front of the laptop trying to decipher everything I need to do from Area 101 to Anthro1. I’ve been multi-tasking, and have been online on Facebook but not for leisure believe me. I have been chatting with my blockmates because I do not understand what the instructions are. And apparently, it looks like I’ve wasted more than half of the 12 hours I spend awake just because I did not get what to do for the arrangements. I’m writing like a loser because I don’t have any plans anymore. I feel like drowning and not going to class tomorrow just because I haven’t been paying attention. What am I saying. 

I need a break. I want to sleep. Because I feel like this whole week’s loaded with acad stuff. And I feel like veering away from my objective, that’s what my mother tells me. HAHA. Anywaaayy, i’m now serious. I still have to do this arrangement thing AND ADD MEANING TO IT for Area Studies 101. I have to read a bit of Math  because I am not sure if my dear professor will surprise us for a quiz tomorrow. i feel like sleeping because I have PE tomorrow. I have to read Histo4 readings and notes because I have an exam on Tuesday, and I have to read PolSci because I have a report on Tuesday also. Can I please jump off a cliff 2ft high now? PLUS I AM PRESSURED WITH THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO WATCH SONA TOMORROW FOR POLSCI AND ANTHROOOO. 

And nooow I’m playing Kpop to ease the chills I feel. I’m literally panicking naaaaaa. Hahaha bye please. HUHUHUHUU please hope i’m still breathing tomorrow bye


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