Today was happy. Wasn’t perfect, but happy. :D

I woke up at 5:59 to wake a friend up, but found out he was already up by 5:53, or earlier. So I went back to sleep and got out of bed by 7:23. Took a bath, and so I still do not understand why I was late for the 9am set time to meet. Haha.

Got to school by I do not remember what time and saw Ken in the garden. Kahit sinabi nyang tambayan. Surprisingly, Jerico was already there, proud that he’s gone through the Histo4 readings, so it’s no-cram-re-reading. We ate Tuna Pasta for breakfast, which was okay.  Hehe, waited for the others and went up for class. It was funny how Ken wore red, and Clarvin wore green, and Jerico wore blue. They looked like Powerpuffs. WHICH WAS REALLY FUNNY I STILL LAUGH WHEN I REMEMBER IT. HAHA. Histo4 was okay. I was.. touched. Hehe, okayjokelang. There were Ma’amJoseLines that were really funny. We talked about society, and of course, women. And some of the topics were really funny. Most of them. Aba’y napunta sa chismisan eh. Talked about Juday, and Charice. Haha. I was surprised when she asked me if my parents allowed me  to court guys. And we just laughed. “Malapit na, Ma’am. Konting push nalang. HALA MAAM WAG KA MAINGAY AH.” There was this line also that she mentioned a name, still something about courting. Ay si Makkie, “Ma’am. hindi po. Yung kay Ysel po, naka-red.” Hashtag AhTeka. Today’s lecture was really fun.

Then PolSci11. I felt kind of uncomfortable in that classroom. Huhu, probably because of the seats-distance. If you get me.  Our professor was really funny. He barged inside the room going like, “POLSCI 11?” And we were all, “Uh… yes?” And I remember, haha, he asked who invented fire. Saab and I answered Alicia Keys. HAHA, omg it’s still funny. He discussed a few things that we’ll encounter throughout the span of the course. Conservatism and curfews. Yes, curfews. Omg, please laugh when you hear the word “curfew,” especially if you’re my classmate. Liberalism, then Socialism, and all those triangles he had to draw. He also told stories about his neighbor who was given a car, and Saab asked him, “Sir, ikaw, nabigyan din?” And all those talks about women and how they work, how Thomas Aquinas plagiarized Aristotle, all his funny lines. He’d discuss something and after about 15 minutes, he’d get back to it, then rant out, “Ay tapos na’to no?” Omygosh, it was really fun. Then there were… erherm. Yes, something that actually pulled me to the ground, thank you. 

And I’m still sorry I was irritated. And yes, I really was. I really was. 

Then I had lunch with Jed, Ken, and Jerico. Clarvin, Anna and Jaydee were also there.  Lunch wasn’t that fun. Because I still felt annoyed, and again, I’m sorry. Haha. And it really made me feel bad that the stall I buy food from didn’t have chicken breast left for me today, not that they’re obligated to set aside chicken for me, it was just sad. A lot more people, no, friends, came over, and we laughed about a lot of the things. I think it’s kind of sad that I don’t remember what we laughed about, but it’s a good feeling remembering that we laughed hard. Then we listened to songs from Ken’s iTouch, and my heart kind of felt lighter because we listened to The Script. And I think everyone’s aware of how much I am a fan. I stood up because Bogs and friends called me, and told me that she did take a video of my debut entrance, which up to now I feel embarrassed of. Haha. They reminded me of a “few things.” And well, why hello there ang peg ko nung may dumaan eh. Okay stop. It was actually a good thing, a sweet thing, that Jed asked me to fold his jacket. Brought my attention to what I had to do. Congratulations. Haha. Then it rained. *insert When It Rains* Kidding.

We went to the Tambayan mismo. And stayed there. Watched the AVP KV made for Areastudyakan. It was funny, and I had a good laugh. Very entertaining, omg. It was really, really niceeeee. And we just stayed there. That was when I realized, “Ito na pala talaga kami. Plus yung mga may Hum classes pa.” We were the only ones left, and I realized how much I miss those who were able to shift. But I still am very happy and proud of them, of course. Then came the lines na mej panama. Deep words, Jed describes. And the funny Jerico-Jed lines. “BAKIT BA SI JERICO KAGAD HINAHANAP MO?”

Then I left, went to Robinsons with Jerico and Ken since they had to buy a few things. A lot more funny things. The feeling of security thank you. And I went home. Alone. Huhu. But it was okay, thanks to the 20-peso earphones Jerico bought me. HAHAHA. ♥

Hello, sorry na. Hehe. 


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