I’ve been okay for the past days, really. After all the planning, I knew it was worth it. Maybe I just miss the feeling of preparing. Of being stressed. Of not being sure who to put in what table. After one night, all the efforts are gone. But the memories are there, forever, I know. 

June 4, I was happy. Tired. But happy. Was with a few friends, and even felt good eating with a special friend.

Then my 3-day enrollment period. Hashtag nakakapagod. But after being enrolled, I knew I was happy. The fact that my college bestfriend actually waited for me, and went with me for late registration. I may not be that kind of showy, but I appreciate him for that. And for everything. 

So by the looks of it, I am happy. 

But I’m writing this with a straight face. 

I don’t understand why. 

It’s like something’s wrong. And I know I’ve been saying this for a lot of times now, but I just can’t find it. I can’t find what that “something” is. I just feel like there really is something wrong. With me. With the people around me. With the world. With my.. yes. 

And I sound so clingy, but I miss my KuFam so much already. 

And Kuya has been playing Ever Enough on repeat. 

I just feel sad. Two days, straight, congratulations.

But I’ll be seeing friends tomorrow, so I hope I’ll be fine. 

And if I won’t be, that’s not a problem. I’m used to faking, aren’t I?


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