Why do we feel the way we do when we wake up? 

I remember some days that I woke up mad. Full of questions of why aauydjaksdjad things happen to happy people. Why the world can’t hand us the things we want. Why the people we choose don’t choose us. Why love becomes so hard when it’s supposed to make the world go round. 

There are days I’d wake up happy. Happy to be free. Happy to have parents who strive hard for us, and two brothers who are just naughty but so lovable. Happy to have friends who are willing to break silences I couldn’t break. Happy to have a pet turtle who understands all my sentiments. Happy, just that. No fears, no insecurities. Ready for the day. 

This morning was different, though. I woke up feeling sad. I knew the reasons. But the reasons didn’t know me. My reasons didn’t slap me in the face. I don’t get it. Haha. I mean, I woke up sad. just sad. Plain sad. But since I don’t know why I was sad, I thought of reasons. And I knew that my reasons were valid. Yes, they were. Why do happy people have to feel so sad? And no, it’s not the validity of my reasons that matter. Just the reasons. Why are they “reasons?” Why do we need reasons? Why are you my reason? 

Sometimes, I wish we could go back to that time when everything was okay. And you didn’t feel the way you do now. And you understood why I act like this. 

People are people and sometimes we change our minds.



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