Tonight was a nice time to talk to a friend. To a special friend. To someone I miss for quite a while now. And I’ll get to see 32 days from now. And that’s just too far from tonight’s date. 

There were a lot of things we talked about. A lot of.. funny, usual, good things. I missed the voice. The laugh. The krwsheehrwrssh part making Viber calls seem choppy. 

And that friend knows me so well. What I feel. When I’m starting to keep quite because.. apatayna. *Haha* When my tone sounds like the tone that makes my eyebrows rise up to my forehead. 

It was hard explaining one certain thing. No, a few certain things. It was like explaining something I, myself, can’t even understand. But my friend did. At least, my friend tried to understand. And that’s what I miss about my friend. Understanding what’s under this tongue. 

But my friend bought good vibes. There were a few moments I wanted to keep quiet because, well, we know why. But no, because I missed my friend. And it’s hard to tell that to my friend. 

But my friend understood. And that’s enough already. 

Enough to make me feel okay. And good. And just happy after days of tiredness, and self-brought stress. 

I may be paranoid. But it’s okay. As long as the friend keeps the promise, I am okay. 

We are the best of friends. And I’ll keep it a promise to never let any wall stand between us. 

There will always be misunderstandings, misinterpretations, tantrums, and everything that we’ve/I’ve been through. But that only stays there. 

Never beyond. 

I will drift peacefully to sleep tonight with a smile. Because people always feel happy when they talk to people they miss. And that’s perfectly what I feel now. 

And I choose to be happy. 

Paranoia’s there. It always is. But I guess my smiles are bigger. 🙂


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