You still, for some odd reason, don’t let go.

It is right then that you learn that holding on for too long is never a good idea. That there will always be a time, that you will be made aware of thanks to the butterflies that will swarm your stomach or the feeling of a large stack of bricks being placed on your heart, when you will know it is time to go on — get out of there — drop your hands and simply just walk away.

You’ll find that feeling to become all too familiar as the years go by. You stay past your welcome at a job that you just don’t like, you grow out of a dress that you spent some of the best nights of your teenage years in, you wrap your arms around people who squirm to get away.

One day you will get the hang of it.

But maybe you won’t. Learn not to be so hard on yourself — you are human and this is just one of those feelings that remind you what it is like to be alive. 


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