It wasn’t my intention to remember the story. *Haha* To think of the movie as I waded along the rivers of the heat this afternoon.

I didn’t want to go to Makati alone. My plan to leave was scheduled about 2pm or beyond. But since my brother was leaving the house by 1, I knew better than to start a time-fight. So I adjusted. I rode a jeepney to Faura, since I was meeting Clarvin to hand him stuff. I was about to go down when this cute guy stepped on the vehicle and sat beside me. But no, he’s not part of the story. I got down, walked along Faura and saw Clarvin outside the premises. He did this trick on me, which needed a little speed in Math, at least for me. *Haha* He told me he was wondering where I really was the moment I told him I was near already – if I told him I was near when I’m really not, or if I was really near but found a cute guy and decided to stare for a few minutes. Funny. He knew me so well. 

Then I left. I told the designer I’ll be there by lunch, and it was 11 already. And there it goes. Rode a quiet jeepney. Tried to cool down a bit by listening to the songs on my phone, and then turned to FM, listened to 89.1 and it was really jam-time. Thing was, I was alone. And I don’t like travelling alone. Because I tend to think of things I’m not supposed to. I feel like it’s a waste of time, but it’s kind of inevitable. So yes, my mind shut down for a few minutes. It was dark. A few scenes played. Voices were heard. I felt bad. I felt like… hokaaaay. But I tried not to dwell on it. Tried lang. 

After the appointment with the designer, I walked to the other side of the street, and a few more blocks to ride a jeep. It was so hot. It was a normal ride, besides the fact that I couldn’t get my mind off of a few thoughts which are candidates for emotional tantrums. I tried to laugh them off. Good thing I was stupid enough to say “Para” when the street corner was really the jeep’s last stop. Rode another jeep, got off on our street, walked up to our unit, and ate the tinola that tasted as if something was wrong.

Somehow, I’m thankful for the extreme heat today. It annoyed me so much that I knew I just had to stop thinking, so I looked outside the window, l and looked for things to make fun of. Thank you, heat. Never thought you’d be there for me. *haha*


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