I remember when I posted a status on Facebook that says I can choose what to feel, and that the other night, I chose to be sad. Not because of too much pain, or too much regrets, just because I wanted to feel sad.

And I guess tonight, I choose to smile. Yes, I choose to smile.

I’ve got a lot in my head right now. I’m nervous of what will happen. A lot of changes of plans. A lot of talks on not pushing “it” through. I miss my friends. I feel stressed being unproductive when I know there are lots of things to do. I’m bored.

But I choose to smile. 

I think there was a little tantrum moment for the night. But it wasn’t a heavy one. It was.. a funny one. It wasn’t that serious. A little paranoia. But no dwellings on that. *Haha*  It’s really nothing serious.

I am also listening to the radio. Wala lang. Para naman hindi puro yung mga paborito kong kanta. Masarap din makinig sa mga callers na nagrereklamo tas yung DJ na nambabash. Haha. 

And I’ve been talking to this friend since last night, ay no. My elementary bestfriend. ♥ And I swear, it feels so good and I just cannot wait to see him and exchange stories and just bring back all the good times 😀

And yes, I hope tomorrow is a good day. ♥ I’m thankful for tonight.


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