“O diba Comm Arts ka?”

I went to Mom’s office earlier to bring Eli and Yaya since Momma wanted to see Eli. She bought Jollibee, and I was with Kris. And my writing at the moment sucks. Anyway, we were looking for 2 fifties in exchange for a bill of 100. We needed it to pay the Jollibee delivery. *Haha*

I went inside the store of GSP, and there found one of GSP’s employees. He asked me how school was, and I told him it was okay. That I didn’t go to summer classes. And he asked me, “O diba Comm Arts ka?” I answered, “Ay, hindi na po. SocSci na po.” Then he asked me, “Adamson?” I answered, “Ay, hindi na po. UP po.” He looked at me and smiled, “Ah, okay naman pala. Mabuti nang UP.”

Honestly, my heart was a bit crushed. 

I promise myself, I will be with the media. Maybe not immediately. But one day. I’ll be writing for the world. Because writing is love. It’s a passion. Once a MassComm, always a MassComm. 🙂


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