“Next time, mas korni at mas pabebe naman ha?”

Richelle sent this message a few minutes after she left our house to go home. And it was funny. And I realized how today turned out really nice.

I’m still sorry for making Krith wait for about an hour. And it kills me worse on the inside knowing that he had this BIG cup of Milktea that he bought for me. We met outside Mom’s office, then went up to Mom’s place, sat for a while, and went home. After about 30 minutes, Iche came and brought me something to drink. So sweet. She taught me how to walk, she told me stories. Karatan lang. *Haha* Medyo bastos ‘tong araw na ‘to talaga. And it was funny.

I did something, and they waited for me – both of them in front of a laptop. Then Krith borrowed a Nokia charger, so I went inside our bedroom to get that, and I remembered how we talked about watching a *adjective* movie. So I brought out the DVD that Dad bought me, and I do not know why we all agreed to watch it. Yes, Must Be Love.

It was funny how a few friends wished me luck when I tweeted that I was watching it. It was funnier when my mom ranted about how baduy I am that I chose to watch the movie, at nandamay pa ‘ko. It was nothing serious. There was no agenda. We just wanted to watch something that we knew we’d have lots of rants on. And I was not even a cent wrong. Si Richelle, PURO SIDE COMMENT. Lahat ng galaw nila Daniel at Kathryn, pinag-initan. Kesho ang landi, kesho hindi naman daw talaga ganun. Makarat. Lahat talaga, pinuna. And it was funny, because everything she said was something that just made us look at one another and burst out laughing.

There were lots of lines stated – lines that pushed needles deeper and deeper into the skin of someone who felt bad. And my needles were the sizes of the needles of a sewing machine. Uso exaggeration pag nagkikwento. *Haha* Anyway, yes, there were lines that were needed to be quoted. There were parts of the movie that needed a lot of comments – that even my Mom commented and bashed. It was also funny that during the climax of the movie, Mom told us, “Ano ‘to? Bakit nyo ba pinapanood? *looked at me* Self torture? Tsaka para mang-bash?” And she kinda laughed hard, which was really funny.

There were scenes, and lines, and parts of the movie which made Krith and Iche punch me, pinch me, kick me, or just do something to rub it in my face. I tried to watch it normally. Really. No issues, just movie-watching. 

It ended happily, but we were all like, OH ANO? AKALA MO NAMAN TOTOONG GANYAN SA TUNAY NA BUHAY? E KALANDIAN EH. Iche’s heart was really full of cholesterol. Highblood, it is. *Haha*

Then there was this part when I asked if Angel knew about Daniel and Kathryn. Kris answered me with sobrang feels“Oo. Alam naman na siguro ni Angel yan! Di naman sya manhid. Wag mo yang itulad sa storya mo.” And I swear, it was a funny moment. #MedyoStrong *Haha*

I can say that the movie’s nice. But if I were a critic, I’d rate it 2/5. Cliche. Over-acted. Funny (but the other kind). Pabebe.  

I admit, though – no matter how much I do not want to – it somehow made me cry. There were these lines that struck like lightning on a post I was holding. BURRRN. 

But yes, it was nice. Maybe I just wouldn’t try remembering things about this movie. *Haha*

Thank you to those who wished me luck. Glad that I’m too busy planning to even distinguish what I really feel.

And yerr, it’s just a movie. A movie that only got famous because of the pairing of KathNiel. Wow, I used their loveteam name. *Haha*

I was thinking, about two hours ago, I would have felt so down, so bad, so sad, and all those feelings that make you want to sink down the Marianas Trench if I watched it alone – knowing that my brother would dare to kill me if I invited him to watch it with me. I’m glad that I watched it with Iche and Krith. All the rants and comments and bashes were pure initial reactions to the movie, yataNothing beyond. Mhmm. At least I think. And I wasn’t the only one bashing. And it did feel good.

After the movie, I think my mom was really happy. Natapos daw ang kabaduyan ko, at last. She did look me in the eye. Feels good to be known by your mom very well. Oh yes, I remember, everytime there were parts of the movie that Iche and Krith related to my situations (in all time aspects), Mom smiled. Yes, she did. She knew. She knew. 

And I’m done. Sleepy. Tired. My back hurts. And so does my…. mhmm. Goodnight, dear world. I feel like we had mutual love today! 🙂

Oh, there were moments today when I really felt jealous. Not ever sure why, but I just felt it after I read a few things. Aw. But that’s okay. Yes, that’s okay. *Sad* *Haha* Mejo proud akong ‘di na ‘ko nagtantrums eh. Okay nang nagselos, basta di na nag-ano. Hahaha. Okaysorrynight!


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