Jeepney by Kala

I was browsing Youtube, looking for OPM music videos. The old ones, I mean. The great ones. Parokya. Kamikazee. Eraserheads. Itchyworms. Rivermaya. And all that kind of music.

And I saw this under related videos. And I swear, my heart jumped. I remembered how I loved this song, how I memorized its lyrics when I was in elementary. How the vocalist’s voice really soothed my ears.

How the video was, at least for me, very simple but cute. How the rhythm is just totally perfect.

I’m praising this song so much because I feel like I need to. This is A WHOLE LOT BETTER than “Neseye ne eng lehet~” or than any Chicser song, or under the P-Pop category.

This is OPM. This is Original. This is the real Filipino vibe.

Thank you for this music. For this song. For this band. 🙂


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