I rode the jeep back to our street after doing something along Faura, and yes the heat made me want to just lie on the street and ask why I have to live like this. Joke. I had my phone with me, earphones in both ears, Urbandub’s Evidence and Guillotine playing on repeat. Then there was this man, about 30-40 plus years old, he got in and sat on the edge (is that what it’s called – the one beside the “door?”). He handed P100 and just sat there. I looked at him, unconsciously. I always do that to people. It’s kind of like a habit. And there was this guy who smelled like someone I love. I couldn’t help but feel sad and happy. It was a fragrance I hope I’ll always know.

Then our street was getting nearer in my view so I knocked on the roof of the jeep, and said, “Manong, para po. Ay patabi nalang, ay hindi wag na.” So he stopped, and I stepped down the jeep, when the man who was at the edge looked at me, smiled (the sincere one), and said, “Ingat.” 

He made today worth the heat, really.

There was something about him. Maybe because he looked old and I just remembered my grandfathers through him. Thanks to him, I walked across the street with the thought that there are still people who are worth a million smiles.


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