Why does this exist?

I was feeling a little down last night. One of my best-est friends in the world also did. And we exchanged laments, sad thoughts, and answers to “why’s.” 

But she gave me something to have grip on. It’s to use the sadness to create something wonderful. 

And maybe it doesn’t always need to be sad. The happiness that different things bring, I can write about them. 

Writing with brain. Writing by pain. 

That’s basically it. 

And, this will be THE public journal. This will be the blog that exists to everyone who would want to read my thoughts. I thought of putting my Tumblr to existence to the world, but I checked it earlier and realized, I just can’t. Because my Tumblr isn’t just full of reblogs, quotes, photos and all that. It’s filled with the sadness I feel while I appreciate happiness. 

So I choose to keep it as it is. Known by few. Few that I can  count them with my fingers, and still have excess fingers. Yes. 

And my stories – of happiness, sadness, and all kinds of emotions- are probably the reason why this site exists. 🙂


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