Hashtag: Self Fact

As of the moment, it’s first on the list. Hashtag: Self Fact.

I think I’ve got lots. But I don’t usually use hashtags to tweet. I mean, the trending ones. Especially when there’s “nothing” really important about it. Or at least, I think.

Self Facts. 

  • I love pizza. And I never thought I will. When I was younger, pizza was just like any other ordinary food. And now, it’s love. Pure love.
  • My favorite drink is MilkTea. No more explaining. 
  • There are 3 things I love to see the most: Sunsets. Balloons. Rainbows.
  • I love rain. I love rain. I really love rain.
  • I like singing. Some people tell me I’m really good it. Some people, well, are total uhhh’s and just wouldn’t appreciate that. And yes, it hurts. Thank you for degrading my dear ego. 
  • I like hugs. And when I get used to hugging someone special, I feel really sad when they just don’t do it anymore. For some sad reason. 
  • I’m not girly. I am boyish. And recently, being me became a reason why I get insecure. Or should I just throw that thought away and just think that those who appreciate me the way I am are the real friends? 
  • I am *I will emphasize this* insecure. I never was. Not in Elementary. Not in Highschool. Not somewhere else. Just recently. And it’s because of the world and how the people around me affect me. And I think it’s sad.
  • I don’t like people who make me feel like I’m a failure. Sometimes, I think I already am. So don’t rub it in my face. 
  • I’ve been in one situation thrice. And guess what, no learnings ever occurred. 
  • When I was young, I HATED LIGHTS-OFF. It scared me, a lot.
  • I never thought that I would ever love reading books. And life taught me to love it. When I read, it’s a different world. It’s a whole new world. And the world revolves around me the way I want it to. And it’s perfect. 
  • I don’t like competitions. I DO NOT LIKE COMPETITIONS.
  • I get jealous easily. Easily. And I hope quotes about how jealousy only proves that you just care so much or really love that person are true. 
  • My favorite game is Happy Jump. Some find it boring, I find it really cute.
  • My favorite food is chicken. I love chicken. Fried. Curry. Tinola. Chicken.
  • I like potatoes.
  • I like sour food. Sour worms. Kamias. Calamansi. Green mangoes.
  • I don’t like nail polish on my nails. But I put it to prevent nail-biting- which seldom works.
  • A friend told me that the key to happiness is acceptance. And the key to acceptance is learning not to care. Unfortunately, I cannot not-care. 
  • I don’t get angry. There are times when my emotions burst out, but anger, I never feel it. Sometimes, I want to feel anger. Towards the world. But I just can’t. And I think it’s a good thing.
  • I hate horror movies. 
  • I love to see happy grandfathers. Because I miss mine.
  • I’m clingy. TOO CLINGY.
  • When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor. When I was in highschool, I wanted to be a lawyer. Now, I just don’t know what I want to be anymore.
  • I like understanding songs. Reading between the lyrics.
  • I have two old phones, and unless they’re both ultimately ruined, I’d still love using them. 
  • I collect things that make me happy. Cards. Exams with high scores. Post-its..
  • If I’d be given the chance to have someone’s voice for a day, I swear I would love it to be Jennifer Holiday’s. 
  • Sometimes, I don’t understand what I really feel.
  • I love Mcdonald’s Coffee.
  • I like avocados.
  • I love tuyo and tomatoes. 
  • Sometimes, I try to move away from a person, or stay away (whichever is proper to use), but I just can’t. There are just people who are so special you can’t take more than three steps away from them. And somehow, I hope they feel the same. 
  • I have a pet turtle. And I love him so much. Even when we don’t always play, since I’m not even sure if I can play with him the way people can play with dogs and cats.
  • I don’t like forcing myself to move on with life. It makes everything harder. The forcing part, I mean, does.
  • I love The SImpsons and Family Guy.
  • I like making new friends. Awww. 
  • My favorite part of a school day is going to GAB Caf, and buying drinks from Ate…. (Ate who sells palabok and pasta, and all). And when I buy drinks, I tell her, Ikaw na bahala, Ate. Basta less ice! And the taste always turns out perfect. 
  • I love being with people I love. Even when there’s just the two of us. It’s the fun that counts.
  • I go through tantrums, but believe me, I try not to.
  • I recently discovered that I am allergic to salmon. Something’s wrong with my life.
  • I feel sad when I hear sad songs. Especially when the words just sting.
  • Crushes? I have lots of them. And I call them boyfriends. But when it’s serious, I think everyone knows how serious I am when it comes to this.
  • I wish I can sleep for 12 hours straight.
  • I don’t like change. Because change hurts.
  • I love jokes. My own jokes. *laugh*
  • The original spelling of my name is Yselle. It only changed when I was in highschool.
  • I fell in love with Ely Buendia. Figuratively.
  • My braces have been on since I was in 2nd year highschool. HAHA.
  • I’m afraid of heights.
  • I don’t like rides. It’s a No for me when it comes to Star City, or Enchanted Kingdom.
  • I love songs, but when someone I don’t like sings or likes them too, then it’s over.
  • I love mango shakes. Hihi.
  • I’m usually late. It’s funny. But really inappropriate.
  • I don’t like people who make me feel bad. 
  • I don’t like being rushed. Oh yes.
  • I am a fan of The Script. Since 2nd year. Yes.
  • I do not know what is wrong with people who can’t appreciate OPM songs. Really.
  • I support gender equality.
  •  I do not give up easily.
  • I love God. I really do. And I love my family, as well. A looooot. *kisses

These are random facts. Whenever I thought of one, I’d type it down. I don’t even think this is something productive. Well, at least I did something I love. Write stuff down. Yay for me tonight. \:) And thank you to my background music. ❤


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